Software Development Life Cycle

The following is copy from my journal that seems timely.
05.23.2023 20:40

[...] Life exists for living and while a virtual world is an imaginative thing, I writing this can see where I'm going, but to be clear, it's that -- imaginative. Rather than continuing to talk about my career and how I feel at this crossroads between all possible paths, I don't think that ever changes, and I will relate it to a lucid dream I have from time to time.

In the beginning, you had an insanely great idea for a product that everyone would want. Building the product takes countless restless nights. At first, it was you, but in the before times, you laid the groundwork for such avenues of adventure. Network effect began to apply, and now it's THERE.

Your team has the latest hotness. Everyone wants it and is willing to pay hand over fist for it. Your marketing team gets it because product market fit is saturated. Then it happens. You realize it's not your product anymore, and the users have taken control of the company's direction, which inevitably became this thing. To you, it's not even a thing anymore but an evolution you don't understand.

What happened? The same thing that technology always does, it evolves through paths unknown, and truly what defines innovation? I pose questions like these in my dreams and have few answers.

Describing these dreams will never do them justice and bore the casual bystander. But if I don't reclaim them, I don't think they ever will either way and oftentimes, I get a personal meaning out of them. It's usually related to whatever lingering thought I had before finding sleep. A subtle reminder to the next day from my final note the day prior. To be fair, this is after years of practice in lucid or conscious dreaming, especially when polyphasic sleeping, which it lends itself well to. Over productivity can lead to a reduction thereof.

Are these thoughts useful? How do they behave?


The pretext for this writing was, "I don't feel like writing, what will I write about, etc."

Are these thoughts useful? How do they behave?